Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Misc FO's

My first foray into Intarsia or color work. I designed this for my buddy Steve who is a diehard Steelers fan. We work in a refrigerated warehouse. The temperature on the meat and/or dairy dock is between 30 and 40 degrees farenheit but the freezer ranges from 10 degrees on the dock to minus 15 in the ice cream room. Since Steve works in the freezer, this comes in handy.

Addison's best friend Beth's Mom is just starting to undergo Chemo. I made 4 hats for her. The first was a plain hat made out of self striping Mohair. This is the second. It is out of 100% Cashmere and done in a ridge stitch with a broken rib ribbing.

This is a fingerless glove that is made out of yarn I spun! I got the roving this is made from at Rhinebeck last fall when I got my first "real" spindle (a Golding .5 oz beauty).

These are lace socks I made for Granny Annie for Christmas.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kidding Myself

Yes, I am still alive. And, still knitting. So much lately that I don't think I will ever catch up on this blog thing. I have made dozens of blog entries (in my mind). What? you can't read the mental only ones??

Over the years I have always wanted to keep a journal. To write consise, pithy, witty, humorous little entries. I am not that kind of writer. I am not, in fact, ANY kind of writer though I would love to fancy myself as such. I have committment issues with my projects including this blog thing. I can't count the number of really cool, gorgeously artistic, practical, functional, whimsical journals I have purchased over the years that only ended up with 4 entries (and three of them are always about my weight).

On top of my own ADD influenced my husband has issues with my blog time. Because I don't do this often enough and usually have tons of pictures to choose from and wrestle with I spend at least 1.5 hours each time I post. So, he gets grumpy and blames the blog.

So, I resolve to attempt this more often, worry about pictures less, and make it snappy. Besides, he is in Pittsburgh this weekend for a comic book convention (his version of my sheep and fiber festivals) so maybe I can catch up.

Yea, right. Who do I think I am kidding???