Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Handpaint in WOW colors!

Two of the items on my projects to do are christmas stockings for me and the Midget. I really love felting so I figured this would be the way to go. I began stalking the aisles at A.C. Moore for the "right" red and green wool. My favorite wool for felting is Pattons. They are readily available, not too expensive, and I like their colors. Except the greens at my local store. And, they were out of red. Then I got to thinking...yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, who says my christmas stocking or the Midget's HAS to be freakin' red and/or green??? I plan to have and use mine from here on out so I might as well love the colors.

So, I asked the Midget what colors he wanted his to be. Of course at 2 he doesn't even know what I am making. But he is all about color! His favorite color is yellow. That I know and that color is a given. I was asking about other colors. He understood immediately and said, "Pink and orange". "Oh, and blue". There you have it.

I have only dyed two different brands of wool. Patton and Lion Brand. Patton wins hands down. I have used just Kool-Aid in the past. This time I added some of the pasty, goey icing coloring and plain-old liquid food coloring. WOW!

I am adding some novelty yarns to the cuff and then will be doing large bands in each color. Maybe with the occassional stripe thrown in. I have thought about adding some beads or other decoration. For his I think I will broach that subject after the main sock is knit and if anything is added it can be after the fulling.

This will definitely be a one-of-a kind Christmas stocking!! I just hope he loves it and uses it for a long time...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lee Ann I got your back!

Stephanie posted about us all taking any and all bad luck for Lee Ann so that she might have only good luck and speedy healing following her brain surgery. Well Lee Ann, let me tell you...aparently my two year old reads the Harlot too!!

I decided to take a slightly longer than normal shower the other day (silly me, what was I thinking???) so that I could take care of those chores that are neccessary in the warmer weather (shaving my legs...yuck!) so as to avoid having small children point and shreek. Not that I grow very much hair but it is noticible poolside.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was indisposed for maybe 15 minutes (I know, a lifetime for a rambunctious todler). I had asked the 9 year old to keep an eye on the Midget but had also told him he didn't have to stay in with him if he were getting beaten to a pulp. Now, we have a series of hook and eye closures installed on the upstairs doors and a gate across part of the hallway in such a way as to be able to pen the little tyrant in his room and part of the upstairs hall. The bathroom, our bedroom, and our other boys' room are off limits. The only non-child thing in this space is a large bookshelf at the end of the hall that we use as a sort of linen closet (since this house has none!?).

When I stepped out of the shower my first thought was, "Wow, it is so nice and quiet". My second thought was, "Oh shit! It's too quiet! M*I*D*G*E*T!!!!!". I stepped out of the bathroom and pivoted to look into his room...

He was standing in the doorway with his shoes, his toy firetruck, his legs, his clothes, and EVERY possible mm of his arms SLATHERED in what I originally thought was lotion! I was so shocked I couldn't even speak. The 9 year old came running when I started ranting in tongues. As I tried to figure out what exactly he had all over himself I noticed a 22 oz. bottle of shampoo on the shelf at the end of the hall that had the mysterious substance smeared on its side. Ah Ha! I picked up the "brand new, never used 22 oz bottle" only to discover that it weighed NOTHING!! Then I made the mistake of looking in his guessed it. PUDDLES on the carpet, on the heater, on the blankets...EVERYWHERE!

Thankfully, he didn't get any in his eyes, nose, or mouth. They were the only places he didn't think would be improved with a layer of shampoo.

So, Lee Ann you hurry up and get better fast. We're all praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. We will gladly take the bad luck if it helps. But my God Woman! Hurry up already! I've got a two year old trying to do his part and he's killing me!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pictures! 2 FO's in one week!!

These are pictures of the sundress I made for Reagan's first birthday (no pattern...I hope it fits). I had the Midget try it on a few times in the beginning until it was too tight across his middle (he is 2 years and 3 months) and until he was becoming attached to it. I am a very liberal person when it comes to gender issues but I draw the line at pink and purple dresses on boys (call me crazy). The sundress replaced this:
(which was frogged into a bad memory)

which was going to be a cardigan where the cables became flower stems. I was making it up as I went along and realize now that more planning beyond just a sketch is probably in order...

This hasn't been frogged yet but don't worry, it will be. I didn't realize when I started this lace pattern that the "funny" shapes at the bottom corners actually become the top of the heart. I was trying for a checkerboard effect and missed. Besides, I have found that "cheap" cotton (or kitchen cotton) and I do NOT get along (unless I am making a dish cloth). That said, I will have to make a lot of dishcloths and/or kitchen towels to get rid of this monster skein. This was my second attempt at a baby blanket for Mary's little boy to be. I have until October (if all goes well). I should manage to get it right by then.

THIS, is what I made my DH for our anniversary. I have been extremely short on funds lately (stash diving required). So, had I spent more than the few dollars that the elastic, buttons, ribbon, and fun fur cost we would have had a terrible fight. And who wants to spend their anniversary like that. As it was I had to work... But at least for a couple of days my knitting was directed toward something for him for a change.

I am still working on 3 pairs of socks. All for me for a change. I have been wearing the two pair I currently have to death. I don't want to wear them out for a while. So, more yarn for me!!