Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Transition

I am currently in transition....or, well, my blog is.  Both of us in truth I suppose.  

I don't know my thoughts on whether or not I will completely discontinue this blog or not at this time.  I am currently working on moving the poetry, essay, and photographic posts that are here to my new site

So, you can find my new poems there, and the older posts as I get to them.  The stuff from the first few years here is going to remain here but will not be transfered over.  Eventually, I will be taking down the posts that I have moved so that they are each just in one place.

The new site is being designed (it is definitely a work in progress) to be my alter ego in the hold all of the different parts of me (writing, editing, yarn and fiber stuff, photography) and whatever else catches my fancy.  In some cases, like the yarn dyeing, it will be a gateway via links to other sites. 

If you have been here and have enjoyed any of my words or pictures, I hope you will visit the new site and join me there.

Life is an exciting adventure...join me for the ride of a lifetime.