Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Stretch Your Wings

To stretch your wings
and soar
is truly a gift
from God
and scary as all hell.

To dance alone
swaying in the kitchen
jitterbugging down the hall
twirling in the garden
is still to dance.

Lift up your voice
and sing
out LOUD
off-key is okay
so long as you sing.

reaches in
takes the pain from my heart
chews it up and spits it out
and leaves my ribs aching.

The rhythms of love
a sultry dance
undulating, gyrating
leaving you breathless.

Live, love, laugh
dance and sing
and soar
this is your only chance
are you gonna take it?

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ice Cream Man (in poetry)

This post came about from a combination of things.  The first was my desire to try my hand at a form of poetry called gogyohka.  For many people the fact that this is a relatively free form without the stricter syllable requirement of haiku or senryu makes this easier to do.  For me, however, I find it harder.  Without the strict requirements my brain has too much wiggle room.  The second thing influencing this post is the novel "Closet Treats" or as I prefer to think of it "The Ice Cream Man" by my dear friend Paul Cooley.  

The first poem is simply for Paul.  The grouping of seven that follows is a poetic interpretation of his work.

‎​You've taught me
the beauty in horror
with your haunting
Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Those loud loud bells
a cacophony
slithering down the street
enticing children
then entrapping them. 

Evil eyes
not quite hidden
acid yellow
swirling crimson
watching you.

Yummy treats
for children
and children
yummy treats
for fiends.

A child runs
from visions
and a fiend

Black talons
ripping innocence
and children
to shreds.

The loudest scream
is the one
ripped from a throat
never heard
only imagined.

Pain, suffering
strange evil lurking
hero only human
fighting valiantly
but no ending in sight.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today's Lesson: Coping with Pain and Grief

Today's lesson folks:

When you hold it all in and
say you're fine, you're not. 

Mind, body, and soul
have infinite room for joy
not so pain and grief. 

As the hurt flows in
process it and let it go
no need to keep it. 

Joy is what to hold
each little bit that finds you
smiles, giggles, hold those. 

When indeed you hurt
and who among us hasn't
it's okay to cry. 

It's okay to need
a shoulder, an ear, a hug
let people help you. 

What's the point of friends
If you never lean on them
let them do their job. 

One day down the road
roles will be reversed and I
will be there for you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


A little over two months ago one of my best friends (whose way with words makes me swoon) said I should check out this blog, this writer, this woman, this person.  He didn't say it in that many words but I knew he admired her on all fronts.  I found someone (with more literary talent than I could dream to have) who expresses so well, so many of my thoughts and desires.

When I read that first post I intended to go back through her archives.  As usual, I got sidetracked.  Today I saw her on twitter and was reminded of the reading I needed to do.  I went back to the beginning.  And was reminded of how connected to her I feel.  I started pulling out little bits of some of her posts that resonate so harmoniously with me.    After each excerpt I have included the link to the full post.  In addition to these little nuggets of wisdom there are entire posts that I just love.  These are listed at the end.  I wish I could repost them all here but that feels more like plagiarism than what? What's the word I want here? Adoration? Worship? Admiration?   I apologize for my gushing...hopefully, you will understand when you read her words.  Fair warning: much of this deals with sex and sexuality and is not suitable for work, minors, prudes, or those easily offended.

What I want in life can't be made from money. I can't stand the idea of spending my life working toward financial stability, and finding out in the end that I wasted my time. There better be a lot more to life than all of that "EXPECTED" nonsense, and I am not going to wait around to let it find me.

Since when does a clean house and non-interest in sex=good person?
I'm happier my way.

 The only thing that ever sucks about performing oral on a woman is that it is incredibly frustrating to both breathe and encourage the oh-my-god-don't-ever-stop gyrations. Sometimes I wish I didn't need to breathe, just so we could get her there.
My belief is, if you can breathe, you're doing it wrong. 

 A cold orgasm is akin to starvation. This ardor needs to meet its match, needs a mate. Give me someone who burns the way I burn. Give me someone that drowns in it as I do. I need that intensity. Anything less is just far too paltry. I am starving.

I am a passionate person. Everything I love incites a fire in me, a burning. I am easily swept up. I look for that quality in others. 

Art will do it for me, photography and sculpture will too. Music, good writing, dance. Above all, seeing that fire burning in other people does it for me. I love the passion with which some people live. These fiery people are nearly always problematic. There is always something not quite right about them. All the fervency leaves them a little unbalanced. We all crash. This I love too.

I am a woman of many tastes. I love all kinds of love. I love the soft kind, the forbidden kind, the rough kind, the kinky kind. What I desire though, more than anything, is his love. 

Writing, for me, is a potent expression of pleasure. Many things please me. Yes, sex pleases me. Yes,intimacy, love, affection, and joviality please me. Yes, literature, art, music, dance, individuality, free form expression, and writing please me. I immerse myself in my loves here. I recline on my literary couch and indulge in a little lotus-eating here. I am not ashamed.

I'm ready to move forward. Ready to create a life full of my own rules. 
Rule #1: There are no rules.

I am priming myself for a move most find questionable because I cannot abide by leaving such a gaping unknown. I still yearn for immersion in more creativity than I, myself, express. I'm touched by a lyric to a song I heard the other day, something about living a life out loud. Part of me thinks, "what does that even mean?" while part of me resonates with it. 

I dislike my way of leaving seemingly disconnected strands of thought as a blog. The strands to belong to a greater whole, I promise. I just have no way of braiding them for you.

The following links are to entire posts that I simply love:

I hope I have not embarrassed her too much.  I am not a stalker fan.  More a lazy fan.  But definitely a fan.  Elise, thank  you for sharing your talents, emotions, words, aspirations, joys, loves, hates, everything with us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It Should Be Raining

Words, sounds, syllables,
phrases, thoughts, ideas, noise
jumbled in my head. 

Naked emotions
flow freely competing for
the breath to gain life. 

Finding new lessons
patience, compassion, faith, trust
hardest in my life. 

Learning watching him
He shows me such patient love
His love centers me. 

Trying to focus
on the truly important
not getting bogged down. 

Never my intent
hating that I have caused pain
you deserved better. 

Laughter, color, love
our children's faces happy
things I believe in. 

Time changes people
I wish we could undo it
doesn't work that way. 

Encouraging words
unconditional love, trust
the things he gives me 

I want to be proud
of myself, our kids, and you
how we handle this. 

I found the courage
to say I don't deserve this
we all deserve more. 

It looks sunny out
emotional disconnect
it should be raining. 

Chase away the clouds
my favorite things, my loves
colors bright and bold.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


You try to hide it

but I feel the fire in you
it's burning you up.

My body is wet
Plunge your fire deep into me
Let me douse your flame.

Drink deep from my well
Lap and lick and suck at me
I will quench your thirst. 

And still I see the spark
The fire glowing in your eyes
can not be put out. 

Let it burn, Baby.
It is the best part of you
it's why I love you. 

You are so sexy
writing your smoldering words
harnessing the flame.

When you turn your back 
on the gift that burns within
you risk burning up.

Fire can be controlled
Controlled burning, used wisely
avoids disaster. 

Use your gift my love
use it gently and with thought
it will sustain you.