Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jake's Turn to Shine

Tonight was the culmination of months of work for the teachers and students of Jake's Kindergarten class.  Tonight was "The Performance".  The play was "The Cheese Stands Alone--A Musical About Standing Up For What You Believe In" by John Jacobson and John Higgins.

Jake was one of the rats. A bit of a ham, actually.  Goes rather well with all of the cheese. He did a great job; delivered his lines clearly and loudly (maybe he'll be a podcaster one day).  His gestures were marvelously over the top (an actor?).  Most importantly, he had a great time.

You were terrific, Jake!  We are very proud of took a lot of hard work.  We love you.

Here he is in all his glory...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Proud

As a parent I spend a lot of time like everyone else...just trying to get by, to keep up, juggling family and self and spouse and all the miriad things that go with each of those.  When it comes to the kids and my interactions with them I find that I am probably closest to Max, our oldest, who is home with me everyday for school.  With Jake, I am constantly disciplining (teaching at the best moments, punishing or just screaming like a banshee at the worst).  We laughingly referr to Carter as "The good one".  Either that, or I am screaming at him along with Jake because they can't seem to leave each other alone for even the briefest of moments.  But the label is pretty accurate.  Along with that designation does not come a lot of attention.  That's the point.  The squeeky wheel get the grease.  The good wheel gets taken for granted.  

This post is to say:  Carter, you are a good kid.  I notice you.  I appreciate you.  I am proud of you.

I took these photos last night at his spring orchestra concert.  He plays the cello beautifully.  Of course he really should practice more (hint, hint)!

I know all three of you know (okay, maybe Jake isn't old enough to get this yet) that we love each of you.  Sometimes, though, in the crazy pace of each day, we forget to say it.  So, consider yourself told.  I love you.

Gettysburg in Spring: Photographing the Photographer (Part 4 of 4)

Okay, this is the last post of photographs from my trip to Gettysburg with Dave.  This group is my favorite. Maybe it's because I'm a 'people person'.  Or perhaps it's because Dave is photogenic.  Nah, it's because he's a great guy.  

I have not kept up with the innovations in photography since I graduated in 1988.  Back then I used completely manual 35mm Olympus SLR's.  I do have a digital camera now.  In fact, I have owned several.  However, I have never used the available technology to do anything other that shoot a simple image.  No manipulation of any kind.  

Dave, on the other hand, is a professional who does weddings, portraiture, commercial, editorial, and advertising work.  He is also a talented artist both as a photographer and a painter.  He graciously let me look over his shoulder when ever I wanted throughout the day. He also patiently explained some of the cool processes he uses to achieve his final images.  

Thank you Twitter for introducing us and thank you Dave for finding me first.  You are a great guy and an amazing photographer.  Summer is just around the ready for our next adventure???   (Sorry if this is a tad embarrassing...I have a way of doing that)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gettysburg in Spring: Photographs of Nature, Roads, and Paths (Part 3 of 4)

The group of photographs from my Gettysburg shoot last week with Dave is the nature photographs and those pictures of the theme "Roads & Paths".

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gettysburg in Spring: Photographs with a Linear, Abstract, or Design Quality (Part 2 of 4)

These are the photographs that are more about the lines, textures, shapes, and graphic design elements than the subjects themselves.  These are things I notice constantly; in nature, architecture, advertising, everywhere.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gettysburg in Spring: Monuments & the Battlefield (Part 1 of 4)

Last week I took a trip to The Gettysburg National Cemetery and Battlefield with another fantastic person that I met through Twitter.  He is Dave Pringle, owner of  Fusion Photography in Hummelstown, PA.

Earlier this year, on a whim, I visited Gettysburg in Winter.  (Part 1 & Part 2) I then decided that I wanted to see and photograph this special place at other times of the year. As Spring is definitely here and never seems to last very long I wanted to go before that special light green so indicitave of the season is replaced by the darker greens of Summer.  So, I tweeted my buddy, Dave, and we made our plans.

To keep this post from being monstrously large I have decided to break it down into a few different posts.  I have grouped the photos by themes.  I mentioned yesterday a couple of new themes I seem to be exploring right now.  Two that have resurfaced here are "The photographer photographing other photographers" and "Abstract designs and shapes particularly where edges meet".  In addition to these reoccurring themes I have three other distinct groups of photographs from our shoot in Gettysburg.  They are "The Battlefield and Monuments", "Nature", and "Roads & Paths".

The photos in this first post will be those of the monuments and the battlefield.  Only seems right to do these first.  In the earlier Winter posts I talked about the sadness I felt while I was there.  The day we went down was a gloomy, overcast, grey, misty, rainy day.  Those feelings were still there.  But not quite as intense.  Anyway, here they are: