Friday, August 11, 2006

Aug 6th--Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy birthday to Me,
Happy birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to Me!!

3 new knitting mags came out (I bought them--of course) and a box of Godiva (also from me to me). Mom gave me a book of knitting stitch patterns (way cool!). DH and the boys gave me a Chef's knife (way, way, way cool!!!), a large serrated bread knife, some wooden spoons/utensils, and some Very funny cards. My mom and dad and my MIL came over for dinner. DH and the Midget made my cake (yummy). And, for once the DH didn't get moody and nasty on my special day and actually let me enjoy it. (what is with that??? Childhood trauma?)

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