Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scotty's 40th

It's hard to see here but, first I made a pair of socks for myself. Then, because I still had a lot of yarn left over I made a pair of short socks for Jake. Then, because I Still had a lot of yarn left over I made a collar for the cat. Jaspurr the Wonder Dummy. Seriously, not the smartest cat on the planet...

Seen here less than 2 seconds from falling off the table. I have never met another cat with less of a sense of balance...

The Lemonade Socks...finished.

The blue and grey and white socks I made for my friend Scott's 40th birthday. Seen here in their infant state.

The cake I made for Scott to take to the office so that we could all properly embarrass him.

He and Kevin and Pete all work Fri night/Sat morning together. Just the three of them. No supervisors. No clerk (me). Just the three of them. I am so jealous. They are good friends and it turns out the four of us are all Leos. If you know anything about astrology and you were to meet the four of us it explains a lot. Scotty is the first of our birthdays (and the youngest)...July 26. I am next...August 6th. Then Pete on Aug. 12th (and the oldest of us at 44). And then finally, Kevin on August 19th. Kev and I are both 42 but I am older by 13 whole days!! Maybe one of these days I'll take my camera to work and see if it's possible to get pics of would think a bunch of egotistical lions would ham it up for the camera but I doubt these guys least not at work...

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