Friday, December 14, 2007

Random thoughts part 1

Okay, here's the game plan...I have finally dumped all of the images off of my "main" camera. The back-up camera is a whole different story. Anyway, I am simply going to add images in the order I come to them and they will then be in chronological order. No other kind of order but, Hey! at least I am blogging again and sort of catching up... Oh well, take it or leave it...

"Anne" by Shaeffer. I have always loved purple. Or in this case a cranberry sort of purpleishness. It is only lately that I have also really come to enjoy orange. Used to be the only color (besides Chartreuse but that is a truly repulsive color) not in my closet. When I saw this yarn I HAD to have it. I tried to make socks with it seeing how it is a sock yarn and all. The yarn said, "NO!". I kid you not, this yarn was screaming at me. It is not supposed to be socks. Okay, okay...what? Lace. Simple. Easy. Lace. So, I started the first lace project from Meg Swanson's "A Gathering Of Lace".

Collinette Jitterbug in colorway "Mardi Gras". Love it! This yarn has a tight twist and the socks feel almost like cotton. I used a US size 0 or 1 and the yarn didn't seem any thicker than most sock yarn but the socks feel thicker, more substantial. Anyway, I love this yarn. Their colors are exquisite. Especially for someone who likes bold bright colors.

I couldn't resist this picture. We went kite flying so it was taken outdoors in natural light. The way all pictures really should be taken. This is one of the few pics of the hubby smiling naturally. Ususally he tries to get away or strikes a pose or has a fake smile when he sees the camera. He tries to give me a "nice " smile but doesn't get that it has the opposite effect. Anyway, how cute are they?

Mess up your home spun yarn? Who me?

But this dowel rod you are using for a make-shift bobbin tastes so good!

So. Those are the random thoughts for today inspired by the first 20 or 30 images from the picture stash. More to follow. Soon. Hopefully.

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  1. You have a very cute family. very wierdly, my cat has no interest in my knitting. But when I go to my parents house, their cat just goes crazy. I can't bring any knitting there anymore.