Monday, February 07, 2011

Life Lessons: Opinions of Me

As I go through my days, there are moments, either through conversations with friends, personal observation, or perhaps even divine intervention, when I make realisations of who I am, how I function, or suddenly understand some great truth of myself and/or my world. I call these things life lessons. I can't know how valuable these thoughts will be to anyone besides myself. I do know that they are very meaningful to me.

Many seem so simple. That is often the beauty of these. Many are things I already knew subconsciously. Finally recognising them with my conscious self seems to be as beneficial as learning things that seem completely new and surprising.

From time to time I will share some of these life lessons in the hope that you might find them beneficial in some way.

Today's life lesson came about when a dear friend expressed an opinion about me that was very kind and at the same time completely contradictory to the opinion of someone else in my life.
And so, my life lesson concerning opinions of me...

Every opinion of me is valid. Each is a piece of the puzzle that is me. That some are in conflict speaks to the individual relationships I have formed. The whole of those opinions matters more to me than any individual one when considering my character and behavior. I have the power to change some people's opinion of me, but not all. That I can't change someone's opinion does not make it any less valid. It does not mean, however, that it defines me. Only I can define who I am for myself.

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