Sunday, May 01, 2011

I Remember

I remember when I was pregnant with my first son how when I slouched at my desk I would get a reminder to sit up straight in the form of a tiny foot being jammed up between my ribs. I remember learning all the words to Joshua Kadison's song Painted Desert Serenade and singing it about a million times. I remember reading the Harry Potter books together; I read the first and second stories aloud, by the third one he was reading it himself, and by the last one I had to wait my turn to get my hands on it.

So many sweet and silly memories of Max as a little boy that it's sometimes difficult to see him as he is today and realize that this handsome young man is the same person. How can that be? It was just yesterday...

Now, he's the tallest person in the house. We were at his Grandmother's house Friday evening. His Great Uncle, second cousin, and second cousin once removed (I think, I never get those relationships right) were visiting overnight. Anyway, when one of Nana's cats made an appearance Max scooped him up so that his little cousin, Amelia, could have a chance to pet him. Without being asked. 

Later he was back at the table trying his best not to look bored while the adults caught up around him. 

Yesterday was his prom. How is it possible that this young man is the same person who shoved his tiny foot up between my ribs and gave me so much indigestion?

Oh, yeah. I'm getting old. And, he's still giving me indigestion.

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