Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is being republished in its original form. You can read it in a very different form at ChocolateScotch.

Something missing here.
Searching to find what that might be--
Little piece of me.

Sing a song of love
Loves lost and longing for love
Sorrowful sonnet

Measured meters rhyme
Time finding time no meaning
Purposes are nil

Struggle with myself.
Looking for meaning where none.
Pushing aside fear.

Life disappoints me.
When realization hits--
ordinary me.

Special spark snuffed out.
It's brightness it's flame scary.
Better do without.

Time takes prisoners;
you, me, all of us someday.
We don't know better.

This emptiness speaks.
It's voice I don't want to hear.
Hiding from the truth

Pushing it down deep.
A special place created
no one else can see.

What is truth? Really?
If yours and mine are different
How can it be truth?

An absolution
absolutely completely.
What the hell is that?

Speaking in circles
tail chasing tail chasing me.
No one will notice.

Looking deep within
means I must open my eyes.
I don't want to see.

See, hear, think, and feel:
some of the ways we detect
when the world rings true.

Special circumstance
giving old words new meanings.
A strange kind of gift.

Something is lacking:
conviction, dedication

Angels feet touch down.
As they lightly tread reveal
true identity.

What of heaven? Hell?
Did Dante have gift of sight?
Will I see you there?

Blasphemous! Cry some.
Arcane dogma! Chant others.
I know where I stand.

Where? You ask of me.
Why? That's none of your business!
My faith is my own.

A woman's body
Is it hers? Or do you own?
Who gave you this right?

Why when you see me
do you only see my flaws
not my divine gifts?

There is a power
emanating from my soul.
If you look, you'll see.

Belief in your Self
so difficult to master
but necessary.

Ages old wisdom
nestles deep inside your soul.
Open your Self.  See!

To you I bare all
hopes and fears, my secret self.
Will you protect me?

Searching. Searching still.
Coming to terms with answers
that answer nothing.

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