Monday, January 02, 2012

Forever Here Now

Part one of this series: New Year's Day 

Forever Here Now

there are so many
monuments to fallen men
markers of the dead

groups from near and far
they left their homes and families
to fight for ideals

they killed and were killed
on these rocks and in these fields
the tens of thousands

we erected stones
hunks of granite and marble
stood against the sky

they stand as markers
so many they make us numb
and lose all meaning

troops and generals
fallen from so many states
remembered in stone

sentries that don't see
the ghosts that gather around
forever here now

Often it's the simple things that have the greatest impact. This is a grave stone inside the National Cemetery. The elaborate monuments of generals and angels and the exquisite architecture of the bigger memorials didn't have the impact on me as this small, simple stone. Two words and a number. 

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