Friday, April 28, 2006

Wow! Webs (The coolest online yarn store yet!!)

There are very few things I am guarenteed to do each day (besides taking care of basic personal needs and bodily functions....or knitting). The one exception to that, the one thing I can't imagine Not doing...check the Yarn Harlot for new posts. Then, when there is one I MUST read it AND follow ALL of the links.

I am a newbee knitter having taught myself in Feb of 2005. So, I do not as of yet belong to any part of the local knitting community. Well, I am assuming there IS a local knitting community only because there HAS to be. I just haven't really looked for them yet what with working at night, being home with a 2 year old during the day (translate as praying for more/longer naps), trying to get some basic household things done each day, and well, knitting. Anyway, I digress (now there's a as "Has ADD"... ) Anyway, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is my IDOL...a true Knitting Goddess and by following the links in her blog I am becoming familiar with so many wonderful people who also knit and blog (look Ma, I'm a blogger too!!). Amazingly enough, I have first joined a much larger community who show me everyday that I am not unusual in my love for yarn, fiber, color, unique design, knitting, etc. I AM unique but well, you know what I mean. Everyone wants to be special but not THAT special. It's nice to find yourself amongst a group of special people who understand where your heart and head is.

And yet again I digress. Yesterday in following all of her links, I found myself at Webs and was amazed! I am currently on a yarn diet. I am trying (read as thinking about but not getting anywhere) to save money for Stitches East in November. Webs, however, has Regia Strato for just $6 a skein. That's just $6 for a pair of handknit socks!! The yarn for my first pair cost me almost $20!!! I know, I know!! But it was all about the experience. So, for the bargain basement, low, low price of just $6 I can have a knitting project that lasts a week or two or three, is amazingly portable, and is just about the coolest thing on the planet!! Yeah, I am hooked on socks....sorry DH but they are here to stay.

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  1. Oh! You're in Harrisburg! Not only do I have friends now :-), but you only live two hours away. Thanks for the comment. I posted it the day Puddles died and should really put up something cheerier but, you know, it has made the whole thing easier for me, hearing from people who don't think I'm nuts over the kitty. Di you like the jaywalker pattern? I have mixed feelings about it. Hmmmm could be a posting.