Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pictures, Pictures

Okay, Above are three of the 4 hats I made one weekend. This is the scarf I made going long-ways. I would rather do a few really long rows than knit short rows ad naseum.

Above is one of the three scarfs of the scarf/hat combos that are as yet only completely designed in my little mind. For this scarf the hat that is to go with it is one repeat of this lace-like pattern wrapped around the head and then I plan to pick up stitches going down in ribbing and goin up in this same lace until time for the decreases at the crown. (If you can understand that gibberish you are ahead of the game...).

Next is a dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I highly recomend this book!

Above left here is the Midget seen wearing his favorite orange and yellow hat and the Target Wave Mittens from Knitting Nature (or something close to that). The mitten pattern was also in one of the major knitting mags (IK or Vogue or I don't know...I have absolutely no memory...anyway it is out there) Above is the Fibonacci sweater I designed but haven't yet finished the last sleave. Since taking this pic I put buttons on the top of the one shoulder and finished one sleave.

These are the socks I knit one-inside-the-other! They are a little too small for the Midget (I bypassed that whole measuring and swatching thing again...oops!) but they will fit baby Reagan just I hear unintended Christmas present anyone??

I made a sweater vest for the Monkey a couple of weeks ago. I designed it myself and made it in less than 24 hours and he wears it constantly. I am currently working on a hoodie for him that the middle of is knit sideways. I have finished that part and picked up and knit down for the ribbing. I now have to knit the sleaves and then I will pick up stitches going up and attach the sleaves and work my way up in a raglan fashion to finish the body. Then, add a hood and tada. Because of the size of this thing (knitting 2 strands together and making stripes so I have an XL Ziplock bag with 10 balls of yarn in it) I can only get to it at home on weekends. So, it will take a month or so to finish. Say it with me...Christmas. Present.

I am still enjoying spinning...I alternate between two different fibers. Although the spindle I bought seems a bit heavy for the sock yarn I would like to eventually make. I have dropped some hints about a lighter one for Christmas but I am not holding my breath. DH loves when I make something (socks especially) for him but then hates that I knit all the time. Oh, well.

In a couple of weeks I am going to teach another knitter how to make socks. We met at the Middle School soccer games that my teenager played in. I think she had a grandson a couple of years younger on the team. She has been knitting for years but never tried socks. Like so many people she thought they were hard. When I told her that this coming February will be my second anniversary of teaching myself to knit and that I have already made over a dozen pair she was flabbergasted. I was so flattered that someone wants to learn from me!

Hopefully this is the beginning of getting back to a regular blogging schedule. My work hours and responsibilities have recently changed and my internal clock is completely out of whack. Besides having to learn a whole new job I now work from 11:30 PM to 7:30 AM. I then have to catch a short nap in the late morning with the 2 year old and again in the's killing me! You gotta love corporate america.

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  1. OOHHH! I hated that midnight shift, and my kids were old enough to feed themselves and do laundry. Good luck and it's nice to see you back. (I hope the new shift comes with some great benefits).