Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wicked knitting

Today was quite a day.

Last night Addison (my DH...I have decided that names are just so much easier than nicknames and initials) came upstairs, looked at me with a strange expression, and asked, "What side is your appendix on again?".

At which moment the thoughts "Oh, shit!", "Now what?!" and "Boy, it must really be bad whatever it is if he is saying ANYTHING about it at all" were all competing for space in my frontal lobe. To which I replied, "Right, why?" and watched as his face sort of fell a little as he told me about the sometimes excruciating pain he was experiencing off and on on his LEFT side.

Hun. Hun? Hun!

So, long story short...Addison, Max (the teenager) and I spent 6 hours in the ER of our local hospital today to find out that he does not have kidney stones but does indeed have Diverticulitus. Carter (the middle Monkey) and Jake (the Midget) spent the day with my parents while they took my niece, Katie, shopping for a birthday present at some tack shop a half an hour away.

By the time we all got home, I got something sorta resembling dinner in Carter and Jake (thankfully Mom and Dad took them out for luch before their excursion), took Jake with me to the pharmacy and grocery stores and got home with everything it was after 8:00! I really did nothing all day and am exhausted!

Although, I did graft the toe of a sock closed in the ER waiting room, start the second sock at 1:00 this afternoon in the hospital coffee shop while Max got lunch and I got a snack, and had the whole leg done and was just starting the heel flap when they gave us final instructions at 5:00 and set him free. So, all was not wasted. In fact, now that I think about it that may have been the longest uninterupted knitting I have done in a while...

But anyway, it looks like Ad is going to be OK. This is the first time he has had this. I know enough from my RN mom (who has suffered from and had surgery to fix this herself) that even if he makes a complete recovery this will probably come back to bite him in the ass (or belly) again at somepoint in the future. As for now, he was started on two antibiotics and is upstairs in bed dozing as a result of some codine. Now if I can just get some sleep (or at least get some more work done on this sock. Or that sock. Or the other sock over there that I got a little wierd on the pattern with. Then, there's that shawl. And the hoodie I was going to knit a sleeve of today.....

No rest for the wicked they say. No rest for a cumpulsive knitter either...expecially before the holidays. Wow, so I guess if you are a wicked knitter you can pretty much forget it. Boy, am I screwed.

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  1. You are not alone. Glad Addison is feeling better (even if it is under the influence of drugs). I should be knitting....the blue sock, the (newly inventer pattern for) loafer slippers, the huge aran sweater, the scarf, well, you know how this goes. What am I doing? Writing to you. Because people come first, darn it! (oh, two clothing repairs to do, too).