Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fond Memories

Alex P. Kitten 3/17/1989--3/16/2006

Daisy & Henson 1/25/1995--12/11/2006

Too many wonderful memories to begin (at least not today).

We put Alex down a day before her 17th birthday this past March. I miss her everyday. And, call me crazy but I see her spirit (or ghost, or whatever you want to call it) regularly. I know she is still here with us.

Henson and Daisy were a pair. They came into this world together and left together. Had we not had Henson, we probably would have put Daisy out of her pain a while ago. Henson would have died shortly after of a broken heart. So, Daisy Mae held on for him and finally it was time to say, "Goodbye" to both of them.

I don't miss the hair, the poop, or the lingering stench when one of them would pass gas. I don't miss the barking or having to let Henson out and in and out and in and (well, you get the idea). I certainly don't miss having to pick Daisy's hind end up to help her in the house or helping her stand up.

But I miss the looks of complete love and trust that were always there for the last 11 years and 9 months. This is the first time in my life (besides the dorm rooms at college) when I have not had at least one pet in my life. There is a huge hole in my life right now...


  1. Funny how you remember the good times a little more than the bad. I kind of miss our cat (gone in April) even though his nick-name to me was "Allergen".
    Happy Chanukkah!

  2. A follow-up thought on pet names...

    We have 2 names picked out as possibilities for future pet...

    Uma (stands for Up My Ass)

  3. How wrenching! The fur people are so often more pleasant than those without. My sympathies.