Friday, February 02, 2007

Farm Show

Jake's favorite part of the farm show...the huge building full of state of the art farming equipment. Yea, tractors!! We had just finished eating. If you go for no other reason go for the food!! Outrageously yummy!!

My favorite part of farm show (besides the Sheep-to-Shawl). Made me almost want to get a rabbit or two instead of cats. Then I remembered the weekend where we rabbit-sat for the daycare rabbit "Hunny Bunny" when Carter was about Jakes age. She ate 13 buttons off of the remote control, destroyed a brand new Buzz Lightyear toy of Carter's (it magically dissapeared), and put a scratch down the length of Max's forearm (the scar of which he still has today). But aren't they so cute!!

I think this was Jake's second favorite moment. We were almost ready to leave at this point and I had had enough.

This is the first Sheep-to-Shawl that I have ever seen ANY part of. I missed the sheep shearing part but didn't really care.

It was packed in the Small Arena. So, I couldn't move to get different angles once I had pushed my way into a spot along the barrier...

I had never seen anyone use a spinning wheel before. I had seen a wheel or two in the PA Museum but never one being used...way cool. Same goes for the weaving loom.

So, I was happy to pull out a sock and put the camera away and just soak it all in. I had a whole hour by myself (I could have stood there knitting and watching for half a day or so...) before the rest of the family got to the farm show and found me and immediately complained about how bored and hungry the all were. Sigh....

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever who won and don't really even care...

Maybe next year I can escape out the back door and get to the Sheep-to-Shawl by myself without anyone being the wiser...

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  1. So, which is closer for you? New York or Pittsburgh? The Harlot is coming (the Harlot is coming!!!).