Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quick and dirty update

Okay, okay. I know I have been neglecting you for such a long time. My dear, dear blog.

Yeah, cut the crap and cut to the chase.

Since my last post I have been doing the following. (this is the quick and dirty update, details, links, and pictures will follow in the next couple of days)

Beginning of February we drove to Philly to see the King Tut exhibit and went to Loop! Tut was amazing, beautiful, and fascinating but a let down. Loop was amazing, beautiful, fascinating and I got sock yarn and an EZ book. So NOT a let down!!

End of Feb into March we all had the flu ( or the Rotto Virus, or who knows what) but it knocked us down repeatedly. Addison and I were each home from work for a full week. The older two fared a little better and Jake was sick off and on for almost two weeks! Yuck!!!!!

March 16th Addison and I volunteered our time at the premier fundraising event held by our kids' auction. I donated a couple of one-of-a-kind hats done in school colors and a pair of slipper socks. The biggest prize of the evening is a raffle ($100 a ticket) where the prize is $10,000 or a full year of tuition (aprox $10-14,000 depending on the age of the child). We try to buy a ticket every year even though it is pretty expensive.

The big ta-da is that WE WON!!!!!!!! Talk about excitement...

March 23rd was Jake's 3rd birthday. I made him some funky entrelac socks with my first ever hand-dyed-self-striping sock yarn and a short sleeve cotton sweater inspired by the Mason-Dixon Ball Band Dishcloth.

Now I am working on a pair of shorts (from Knit Picks pattern and yarn) and socks for Mom and Dad.

The socks for Ad were finished for Valentine's Day.

I think that is about I said, link and pictures will be soon...out of time for today.

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  1. Congratulations on winning! Can't wait to see pictures of the socks.