Friday, September 25, 2009


What inspires you?

There are so many possibilities.

Color. Line. Form. Texture. Shape. Improvement. Possibility. Temperature. Lightness. Darkness. Quality. New. Old. Rust. Wear. Shiny. Smooth. Drape. Function. Edge. Hue. Value. Quirky. Innovation. Experimentation. Competition. Industry. Weather. Re-creation. Recreation. Procreation. Sex. Sales. Money. Fame. Sleep. Dreams. Music. Mathematics. Science. Religion. Dance. Emotions. Stories. Time. Immortality. Beauty. Spontaneity. Repetition. Feel. Feelings. Time. Politics. Family. Nature. Nurture. Age. Wonder. Awe. Finish. Re-finish. School. Art. Language. Water. Landscapes. Time.


You know, I could do a project or even multiple projects around each of the above words.

Now, if I could only finish one of the million things I have already started. Now, that's the rub.

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