Thursday, May 06, 2010

Carter's MS Lacrosse Team

Spring is lacrosse season here.  If you're not familiar with the game it's similar to hockey but played on grass with a ball.  The sticks have pouches at the end of them so rather than the ball rolling around like in field hockey, the players throw and catch it.  Once the ball is in or on their stick they can run with it but the pouches are shallow so it can be hard to keep the ball in there securely.  And, they check each other with bodies and sticks.  The other major difference is that in hockey all the sticks are roughly the same size.  In Lacrosse the defenders sticks are twice as long (6' as opposed to 3') as the other players.

Yesterday was a game day for middle son Carter's middle school team of the Harrisburg Academy.  Here are some photos from the game.  They won.  I think the final score was 9-1 but I didn't really pay attention at the end (go figure).

Carter #19 warming up

Our oldest, Max (seated) helping run the clock and the Assistant Athletic Director (in red shirt)

Carter watching and waiting for his line's turn in the game

The team huddle

My favorite shot of the day!  You would never know the game was a blowout by the coaches' reactions to a call.  These guys are awesome!  No one is ever cut from the team, everyone gets a chance to play, and these guys love teaching the game to the boys!  They are a bit vocal and expressive on the sidelines (but never negative or nasty)....

A pat on the helmet for a job well done.

High fives!

Shaking hands with their opponents after a well-played game.

I think my boy is due for a hair cut!!  I know he has eyes under there somewhere. 

Jake following his future wife. (She thinks so now anyway...)

Which would make the two on the right Jake's future brothers-in-law with Max.

My Dad on the sideline (I come by the photography skills naturally.  His dad owned a camera store in Cleveland.)

The Head of the School (far left).  Addison (DH) far right.

My Mom (red top) knitting.

Friends who are also parents of some of Carter's friends who are also on the team.  Karen is in the center in a gorgeous cotton sleeveless knit I may have to copy.

And, my buddy Lisa.  Addison says she's a bad influence.  But Lisa & I disagree.  Besides, we can't figure out who influences whom anyway...

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  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I think your son's hair is great! But then I always thought that tossled overgrown look was cool! My boys always had long hair, course it was stylish then & is becoming so again! Youngest son had the longest hair in his HS graduating class, including girls! Now has a masters in computer science so didn't hurt his brain any! ;)