Monday, June 07, 2010

Love Struggling

When someone you love ~ is struggling in the darkness ~ you give them your light.

Take my outstretched hand ~ let me pull you down to me ~ you are safe here now.

am needy too ~ I don't like that about me ~ we are imperfect. 

    You are perfection ~ when you are here in my arms ~ wrapping you in me.

    Let go of your stress ~ I only want to love you ~ give you happiness.

    You belong with me ~ nestled deep in my center ~ fill the void, fill me.

      I will protect you ~ your fragile heart in my hands ~ beating stronger now.

      Take life as it comes ~ you deserve joy in your life ~ floating on the clouds.

      Obligation calls ~ a soul sucking task master ~ it's killing you now.

        Is passion a right ~ or a priviledge to be earned ~ you know the answer. 

        This life is too short ~ to turn down passion's promise ~ take the love offered. 

          I open myself ~ arms, legs, mind, soul, all are yours ~trusting completely.

          There is a darkness ~ trapping your soul in pain ~ my love will free you

          Sink deep into me ~ let my body shelter yours ~ come to rescue you.

          Good night my Darling ~ sweet and sexy dreams for you ~ simply wonderful.

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