Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tia, we'll miss you.

@TiaLBrink.  We'll miss you.

Why? The brightest shining lights
full of love and joy and hope
always first to go? 

Grief, the pain of loss
settles over all of us
a heavy blanket.

Teardrops raining down
souls in pain crying out to
the one who has left.

Don't go, we need you!
family, friends, and your child
all lost without you.

She would want laughter
recounting happier tales
even you Cooley.

We must remember
to hold each other gently
and say, "I love you".

For we never know
when a last day is dawning
or the end is near.

So I say goodbye
to a very special soul
we'll miss you Tia

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