Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Poet

When I write poetry I usually have a thought or feeling in mind when I start.  I usually narrow it down to a word or two and then I hold this idea gently at the front of my mind.  In my mind's eye I see this 'thing'.  I turn it around; caressing it, and let the words come to me.  Often it takes a number of these little poems for me to feel that I am satisfied with my expression of whatever the thought or feeling was.

My poetic forms of preference are the haiku (often the subform of the senryu) and the gogyohka.  These little poems are meant to stand alone.  Yet, I usually have a string of them that as a larger whole becomes a different sort of piece completely.

While I like the results I have achieved in these super-sized versions, I am learning to trust these little poems by themselves or in smaller groups.  So, the next few posts will be truer to the nature of these forms than I have been in the past.  In doing this, I am also forcing myself to work harder to get complete thoughts down in a much smaller space.

Please leave comments if anything strikes you in any way, good or bad.  The only way I improve at anything I do in life is through feedback.

As always, thank you for spending some of your precious time and thought visiting here.

My darling poet
empty your heart on the page
tell me your desire.

You are so quiet
your poems, so eloquent
sing your unsaid words.

Originally published November 11, 2010

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