Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sleepless Insecurity

You haunt my dark night
thoughts of you send me sleepless
into tomorrow.

My voice's echo
reverberates around me
it too is alone.

The night's blackness clings
an inky residue left
hanging on my soul.

No point in crying
 only insecurity
to share in my tears.

The cricket's chirping
lullabye for other souls
mocks my dreamless state.

As the world slumbers
alone awake and alone
my sentence final.

As the dark night lifts
ushering in the new day
so lifts my spirit. 

At dawn's first flicker
ember of hope glows in me
as I wait for you.

My fragility
held down so well in the light
runs free in the dark.

I question myself
I question all that I know
when left with myself.

I can't ask my friends
to be at my beck and call
because I am weak.

A heavyness falls
slowly drifting down on me
perhaps now I'll sleep

I am not myself
when fear and lonliness strike
or am I more me? 

Friends see my failings
they give encouragement, love
they don't exploit them. 

doesn't always play a part
in how things affect.

For example: You.
Loving you was not my plan
and yet it happened. 

Eyelids closing now
thoughts of you help me relax
holding you in dreams.

Originally published September 13, 2010


  1. This one hurt to read. It rings so close to my heart. I read it again. Can I print it and share it with my students? They're about to graduate, and some have a strong potential for voice in poetry and prose.

  2. Absolutely. And, thank you.