Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking Flight

I used to be shy
You offered me safe haven
Underneath your wing
I settled in there
Under your wing protected
Watching you take flight
You encouraged me
To stretch my own wings and try
Under watchful gaze
Cautiously I tried
I flew out into the world
Brave for an instant

Each time I ventured
Pushing a little higher
You were there for me
I am conquering
My fear of the great big world
One flight at a time
I am strong enough
To not need your protection
All of the time now
I am smart enough
To know you will be there if
I need you again

I am growing strong
But still occasionally
Need encouragement
I seek your council
My mentor, my friend, my love
From under your wing
Each little setback
A moment for reflection
Then I soar again
You taught me to fly
I am forever grateful
You are in my life

1 comment:

  1. Positive stuff. I like it. Thank you.