Saturday, October 08, 2011

Color Sense

I started to think
About the senses
And how we experience
The world, in all its richness
Around us
And before touch
Or taste, or smell
Or hearing, or even sight
The word, color
Popped into my head
I tried to dismiss it
Thinking it just a part of sight
And a flash of brightness
Came to mind
And I felt the heat of red
I thought of yellow
And tasted the sour
I thought of pink
And smelled the sweetness
All at the same time
I heard the orchestra
Swell with purple and black
Chartreuse has a peculiar smell
Maybe that's why it's taken me
So long to embrace it
This sense of color
Touches, twines around
Is part of
And yet, separate from
All my other senses
It enhances them
Modifies them
But is something I feel
Completely separately
A perfect thing all its own
So in thinking
About my senses
I've discovered
The most important sense of all
My sense of color

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