Friday, October 07, 2011

Colors of My Friends

Color, tint, and shade
thought, emotion, subtlety
colors of a friend.

Broad sweeping brush stroke
painting pictures of my friends
I need more colors.

One is rich and deep
many layers, mostly blues
subtlety of wit.

Flashes of brilliance
and vulnerability
within the layers.

Blues don't excite me
not usually that is
this one is special.

Something about those
layers where life and love lay
in between those blues.

Desert, mountains, air
the color of a deep breath
fire in a soul.

Bold strokes friend of blue
hide the subtlety of you
and so I love you.

This friend I must paint
quickly for he's seldom still
a kaleidoscope.

Colors tumble round
bright, vibrant, colors moving
showing me so much.

Colors of love, lust
mixed with loss, and pain, and hurt
hope and joy there too.

Colors of friendship
strong, deep, safe, gentle brother
jewel tones for you.

For this friend-purple
one of my favorite hues
fit for gods and kings.

A nobility
graceful gentleness, kind heart
described in this hue.

Mischief is here too
the colors of a deep laugh
shading of a smile.

An honest brush stroke
faithfulness above all else
is painted here too. 

The colors of you
make you so special to me
you make me stronger. 

Some friends I hold tight
afraid of my own shadow
relying on them.

They are gracious, kind
patient when I cling too tight
they teach me to fly.

As I spread my wings
I see the colors of them
have rubbed off on me. 

Many friends are new
many colors still hidden
takes time to see you.

But in each, "Hello"
each glance, word, kiss, and embrace
I see more colors.

As you reveal you
add more color to canvas
my love for you grows.

I immerse myself in you
swirl your colors around me
loving learning you.

And in learning you
I find wisdom about me
painting both of us.

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