Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pictures! 2 FO's in one week!!

These are pictures of the sundress I made for Reagan's first birthday (no pattern...I hope it fits). I had the Midget try it on a few times in the beginning until it was too tight across his middle (he is 2 years and 3 months) and until he was becoming attached to it. I am a very liberal person when it comes to gender issues but I draw the line at pink and purple dresses on boys (call me crazy). The sundress replaced this:
(which was frogged into a bad memory)

which was going to be a cardigan where the cables became flower stems. I was making it up as I went along and realize now that more planning beyond just a sketch is probably in order...

This hasn't been frogged yet but don't worry, it will be. I didn't realize when I started this lace pattern that the "funny" shapes at the bottom corners actually become the top of the heart. I was trying for a checkerboard effect and missed. Besides, I have found that "cheap" cotton (or kitchen cotton) and I do NOT get along (unless I am making a dish cloth). That said, I will have to make a lot of dishcloths and/or kitchen towels to get rid of this monster skein. This was my second attempt at a baby blanket for Mary's little boy to be. I have until October (if all goes well). I should manage to get it right by then.

THIS, is what I made my DH for our anniversary. I have been extremely short on funds lately (stash diving required). So, had I spent more than the few dollars that the elastic, buttons, ribbon, and fun fur cost we would have had a terrible fight. And who wants to spend their anniversary like that. As it was I had to work... But at least for a couple of days my knitting was directed toward something for him for a change.

I am still working on 3 pairs of socks. All for me for a change. I have been wearing the two pair I currently have to death. I don't want to wear them out for a while. So, more yarn for me!!

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