Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Handpaint in WOW colors!

Two of the items on my projects to do are christmas stockings for me and the Midget. I really love felting so I figured this would be the way to go. I began stalking the aisles at A.C. Moore for the "right" red and green wool. My favorite wool for felting is Pattons. They are readily available, not too expensive, and I like their colors. Except the greens at my local store. And, they were out of red. Then I got to thinking...yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, who says my christmas stocking or the Midget's HAS to be freakin' red and/or green??? I plan to have and use mine from here on out so I might as well love the colors.

So, I asked the Midget what colors he wanted his to be. Of course at 2 he doesn't even know what I am making. But he is all about color! His favorite color is yellow. That I know and that color is a given. I was asking about other colors. He understood immediately and said, "Pink and orange". "Oh, and blue". There you have it.

I have only dyed two different brands of wool. Patton and Lion Brand. Patton wins hands down. I have used just Kool-Aid in the past. This time I added some of the pasty, goey icing coloring and plain-old liquid food coloring. WOW!

I am adding some novelty yarns to the cuff and then will be doing large bands in each color. Maybe with the occassional stripe thrown in. I have thought about adding some beads or other decoration. For his I think I will broach that subject after the main sock is knit and if anything is added it can be after the fulling.

This will definitely be a one-of-a kind Christmas stocking!! I just hope he loves it and uses it for a long time...

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  1. It'll be festive! How great that you are the kind of parent that doesn't say "It has to be red and green."