Sunday, October 15, 2006

Awesome Fair Isle Technique

Ok, ok...I know I have a bazillion and one things already on the needles that needs to get finished. I know I have no business even looking at new knitting books that have cool new techniques that I have been dying to try. And, yes, I know that the last thing I need is another pair of socks on the needles.

However, it just so happens that I just got Knit Picks Essential yarn in the purple, turqoise, pink, and black along with a new 32" 2.5mm circ (the perfect sock needle!)

Now, I have had these new materials in the house since Thursday evening (2 and a half days for those of you who pay attention to this sort of detail). Had it not been for an emergency trip to the library so that the eldest won't fail his science fair project, I would have been fine.

So, there I was in the library in the science section of the Dewey Decimal System arguing with a testerone-ridden 13 year old about the merits of simply TAKING a book home with you to peruse for possibly usefull information versus dismissing it out of hand; when the knitting book section called to me....

I spent last evening reading the wonderful history of Philosopher's Wool and marveling at Ann Bourgeois's fair isle technique. I have been designing some things to do in fair isle but had read that my floats shouldn't be longer than 5 stitches. That really put a damper on my creativity! Then, I went on-line to the Philosopher's Wool web site and watched a short demo video of the technique. I couldn't wait to try it!!

After I awoke with a wicked back cramp at 4:00 am and put the Midget (cause of said back cramps) back in HIS bed, I couldn't go back to sleep. So, I picked up the book again and marvelled at the colorways and patterns and how simple it all looked (all but that steeking thing). Their pattern called "Trilliums" inspired me to design a heart motif. I never did go back to sleep.

When the little one and I got up for breakfast and morning cartoons, I rolled the purple, turquoise, pink, and black into balls and cast on for my first fair isle project....heart socks! I didn't swatch and have no experience with this technique so I have no idea if they will fit me when I am done. That's ok, I have 4 nieces and there's always baby Regan. They will fit SOMEONE!

For anyone who's counting (or trying to) I think this is knitting obsession #5....

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  1. When I knit the skull socks for Elder Child, I used the "fair isle in the round" technique from a really old Knitters. Basically you knit back and forth instead of round and round and at the end of each row you knit (or purl) two together and yo then change directions. Of course, I wasn't carrying a design all the way around the socks, it was only on one side. Good Luck!