Saturday, June 09, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

As usual, it has been a while since I last updated this...

I rarely go more than 1/2 a day without knitting (more like a couple of hours and I go into withdrawel) but blogging, that's another story. I get yelled at for the time I spend sitting at the computer. If knitting is a useless and expensive hobby (except when HE is getting the FO) then blogging ABOUT knitting is a sin of the highest order and spoken about in a disdainfull tone when complaining about the lack of housework being done. As if I need knitting or blogging to avoid housework.

Anyway, I have recently finished the socks for Mom and Dad that are the first pairs from the yarn we got at Loop in Philadelphia (in Feb). I have been dying my own yarn lately. The Entrelac socks I made for Jake were made with the first skein of home-dyed sock yarn (the only self-striping so far). I have done 4 other skeins but have not taken pictures yet. I have been using a combination of Kool-ade and food coloring for icing and experimenting. I need to get some Jaquard dyes and work toward more consistancy. I find it hard to take notes on measurements and times. I start out with great notes and then get cought up in the "experiment" and the art of the moment and then forget it.

On the design front, I am working on a tank top where I started with two provisional cast ons at the front bottom of the straps and am working up the straps, over the shoulders, and down the back with the idea that I will be working in the round top-down. I have planned short-row shaping for the bust (I wear a 40-42 DD so this is a neccessity or it will ride up in front) and then darts at the waist and finally a peplum inspired hem.

Because I have been working on the socks and also on some cotton shorts (from Knit Picks free pattern made with Shine Sport in seven colors...striped) I have not yet even made it to the "working in the round" part of the above description. I have just made it to the bottom of the straps and am starting the top of the back.

I did get some work done on the worted weight cashmere blend version of the Harlott's Snow Drop Shawl. Enough work to realize that I will run out of yarn (discontinued of course) before I get close to finishing. So, went to the store and picked out another yarn to use in conjunction and am now ripping back about 20 rows to where I want to start incorporating this new yarn...nothing is ever simple with me.

That's about it for now, pictures later....


  1. Wow--you knit A LOT...I can't wait to see more pictures!