Sunday, April 15, 2007

More pic's

Well, I do know how to move these pictures around. However, I find it to be a giant pain in the behind. So, I am simply going to comment on these in the order they are here now...

This is the 2nd incarnation of this sock. I had finishes it in a pattern similar to Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern but had started with 80 stitches and it was a little too big for either Mom or Dad. This is the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the color Mine Shaft that Mom got for herself at Loop. So, I had a formal "Death of a Sock" cerimony at work and then undid the tails (not an easy feat...ha ha unintended pun) and unraveled the whole sock...much to my boss's dismay. He could not comprehend how I could trash the whole sock when it would fit "someone". I explained that it was nice but not what I wanted. It is to be one of a special pair for Mom. If it is the wrong size what is the point?

This pair is now being done in a slip stitch pattern (rather hard to see in this photo). It goes like this:

Round 1: *K1, Sl 1 wyif (with yarn in front)*
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: *Sl 1 wyif, K1*
Round 4: Knit

That's it! I did 4 rows of knitting and then 2 repeats of the above pattern, 4 rows of knitting, and 3 repeats, 4 rows of knitting and 4 get the idea. I am almost on the heel. I haven't decided how to do the foot yet. The heel will be the typical K1, Sl 1 but this time I will keep the yarn in front instead of the back so that it matches. I thing I might do the top of the foot in the slip stitch and the sole in regular knitting. But then again, the slip stitch makes a more durable fabric...perhaps the whole foot should be done that way? Any ideas??

This is a quick vest done in an extremely bulky yarn. It is about a size 12-18 months. I could get it on Jake when I had finished it (almost a month ago) but just barely and he hated it. It is rather thick. I think I will just save it to donate to the auction next year.

I tell you what, that auction is a pretty cool thing to have around. I can design and knit anything I want in any size and if it doesn't fit anyone I know I can just put it in the auction pile! Who needs guage swatches anyway? (I know I have just angered the knitting fates but I am feeling a little reckless today. Must be the tall raspberry almond late I had this morning...first time I've had any coffee in months.)

These are the entrelac socks made for Jake's birthday from the first self-striping sock yarn I dyed. The tutorial for the yarn is here at Eunny's site and the lesson on Entrelac (also by Eunny) is in the current issue of Interweave Knits (of which she is the new Editor--go Eunny, you rock!). We call these the "Silly Socks" and they are so cool for a toddler!

These are toe-up socks for Jake. The only reason they are for him is because this is a 50 gram skein of Regia and the only one I had. I can make a pair of socks for him and still have scraps left over. For anyone else in the family it takes more than that even for short socks. Carter's foot is now 8" long (compared to mine at 9" and Max and Addison at 12"!!)

These are toe-up for me. The completed sock is my first toe-up. I found it to be an interesting way to do socks. I used the tutorial from Knitty. It seems like it would be a good way to teach someone how to do socks because you only need to learn one skill (the toe and heel are the same) as opposed to 4 or more different skills needed for top-down (heel, heel-flap, picking up stitches for gusset, gusset decreases, toe decreases, etc.) The only problem I had with the whole thing is fixing errors. I am practically fearless when it comes to ripping back and fixing most things (cables, lace, fair isle...) but trying to fix a dropped stitch in the middle of wrapped or god forbid double wrapped stitches gave me the willies but I did a pretty good job of faking it.

I am currently working on a pair of socks for Carter (his birthday is the 19th) and I also had a request from a friend to make her mom a hat. When I asked what color she said, "Who cares, she's having chemo". I almost fell over! So, I have so far made a ribbed thingie out of a soft worsted weight acrylic and just started a sort-of lacy thing out of a cashmere blend. I want to make one other using Lion Brand Microspun. Anyone have any pattern ideas? Of course, knowing me I will probably just design something myself. I printed out a bunch of patterns from on-line. I'm not feeling the inspiration though. I do know that I want to start at the bottom. The one I did yesterday I started at the top and absolutely hated doing it that way. I am knitting this one in the round and so I think I want to do the third one flat. I also think it should maybe be cabled since the microspun shows the stitches so beautifully. I think it's time to get out the Nicki Epstein book and the Stitchionary book...

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  1. Damn...those socks are AWESOME...the entrelac socks definitely deserve some kudos! I'm so in love with the cuff down sock pattern right now, but I'm pretty sure I'll try toe-up eventually... (if nothing else because of the name...if someone is looking as though they have partied 'til they puked, my students say that "they is TO'E UP!" It would tickle me to say that I knit my socks because 'they was toe-up!')