Saturday, March 20, 2010

Journal Entry

I have so many thoughts swirling around my brain right now. There are friends on twitter that I want to talk to about some of them. But these are not 140 character issues. If I could condense them down to just 140 I'd be on the road to solving or understanding them.

I wanted a way to write a long note and a way to attach it to a tweet. But that violates the whole spirit of twitter. Besides that, if that were possible it sounds like it would be a pain in the ass.

Then I read an extremely personal blog written by a lovely woman. Her most recent post describes sex with her husband. Graphically. Unflatteringly. I wondered, as I read this, why she would put this "out there" and in the end she told me. Her blog is helping her figure out things about herself and her relationships and she pulls no punches with herself.

And it hit me. A "blog" or web-log started out as being a digital way for people to keep journals. A public way. Most of us bloggers consider only the greater audience and forget about the journal part. I guess that's okay. But if it doesn't first and foremost serve you in some way I don't really see the point.

I understand some blogs are for businesses or professional pursuits. I have one of those. It's Dyed Bright Here. I also understand wanting to write poetry, fiction, eroticism, or some combination. I have one of those too. It's Zoom Erotica.

But this is my first blog. My true blog. My space for everything else in my life. Not "work" related. Not knitting or fiber related. Not writing where I am working (or playing) at the writing.

Just me.

Sometimes family.

Sometimes friends.

Often animals.

But, in the end, JUST ME.

It's good to remember that I have a place like that. I should go there. Come here. More often. You're welcome to join me but I should probably warn you that it's all about me.

If you want, I can come over to your place and we'll have some all about you time there. Fair enough?

Do we have a deal? Cool! Pull up a chair. Want some lemonade? Water? Coffee? Tea? Beer? Wine?
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