Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Journal Entry

I'm still not quite sure what to make of the way people have behaved lately regarding hcr (health care reform for those who have been living under a rock).  It's so much more than politics and yet so much less too.  It's ignorance, bigotry, hatred, competition for competitions's sake without any regard for the facts.  It's lies, meanness, stupidity and pure evil.  It's greed, corruption, malace, and avarice.  *those words sound good together--note to poetry self*  It's the big bad wolf leading the little lamb to slaughter.  It's finger-pointing, name-calling, blame-placing, fear-mongering, shameful behavior (for a child.  These are adults!?).

My mom worked in the health care field all of her life.  As a registered nurse (in the military, in a hospital, in a rehab hospital, in a nursing home, and in a group practice family medicine office), as an office manager, for large HMO's as quality review and in underwriting.

My husband works in state government.

Between the things I have heard from the two of them and also from being a consumer of health care and a health insurance policy holder I can tell you that the system(s) in place in this country that have to do with the availability of, cost of, regulation of, insurance of, and quality of health care do not work for all Americans.  

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