Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gettysburg Battlefield in Autumn: Part 3-Roads and Paths, Self Portraits

My series of photographs taken at the Gettysburg Battlefield in Autumn continues with two smaller sets of images. The themes for today are "Roads and Paths" and "Self Portraits".

Part One-Fog is here.

Part Two-Nature is here.

Both of today's themes are recurring ones for me.  The more often I make the time to do this sort of thing (spend a chunk of time shooting in one location either alone or with another photographer) the more I find myself revisiting certain main themes.  Roads and paths is a big one for me. Self portraits is possibly the biggest. I have put them together here for two reasons. First of all, they are smaller groups of images that fit nicely together in one post. More importantly, however, they go together in that I take self portraits in an effort to try to see myself from the outside; see where I am headed. The roads and paths are symbolic of that journey. For that reason, they usually curve out of sight, disappearing around the next bend. For most of us, we have a vague idea where we are headed but often in life where we really end up is not anywhere we would have guessed.

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