Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gettysburg Battlefield in Autumn: Part 5-The Power of the Monuments

Part 1 "Fog" is here.
Part 2 "Nature" is here.
Part 3 "Roads & Paths" and "Self Portraits" is here.
Part 4 "Monuments & Graphic Design" is here.

I've waited to do this post till now because it was by far the hardest to edit. I've looked at these images every day since I took them, letting them sink into my subconscious in the hopes that choosing the ones that have the highest impact would be easier.  It helped a little.  Without further stalling...


  1. Love the pictures of the PA memorial.

  2. I find the PA memorial very difficult to photograph due to its size. Or should I say, difficult to capture the awe it inspires, its magnitude, the impressiveness. Haven't even tried the details yet. Next trip...