Friday, June 24, 2011

If Only In My Dreams

Are you or perhaps I should speak of him instead of you
Does he or whoever take everything
When I sing of dancing
Naked (gasp!)
Do they or we
Think my clothes are in a heap
Down in my (our) (your) kitchen?
Perhaps I don't have time
For celebrations
While I am stalking
For little girls
And boys (our/yours/mine)
I'm sure
As I am not creative
To envision fantasy
For I live in reality
And wear my heart
And my imagination
On the sleeves of my dress
The dress of my dancing
Flung off in my haste
As I write my sorrows
And weaknesses
Pains (no joys?)
For all to see
Voyeurs to my thoughts
My lovers embrace
All too real
If only in my dreams

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