Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Excitement

Two weeks ago the tree at the back of our property was hit by lightning and took out the power line. They say lightning never strikes twice but for me, 10 feet is close enough to be the same place. This afternoon we had a nasty but very brief thunderstorm whip through again. Lightning hit our neighbor's tree. I heard the telltale chuffing sound of a deisel firetruck coming from the back of the house. Jake and I went to investigate and here are some of the resulting pics.

Thank you to the Harrisburg Fire Department once again; not just for doing what they do best, but for being good sports for the crazy barefoot chick taking so many pics.


  1. dont know about your area, but the local news channels/papers might like some of those...

  2. Yikes, that's an awful lot of excitement in such a short time frame! I think you need a new colorway to "remember" it by. Just sayin'.