Friday, June 24, 2011

Setting Myself Free

What is this?
It occupies my soul
Creeps in a little at a time
Until there isn't room for me
Is it fear?
Is it pain?
Is it heartbreak, or loneliness, or shame?
All of the above.
It doesn't matter
I need not name it
It is anything that steals my smile
Or makes me feel less than me
It is him.
It is them.
It is you and me and us
Right now I am down
As low as I can go
I am fragile
And so much less than me
But I have the power
And the will
And the strength and the courage
To change things
I have choices
And decisions to make
That affect not just me
But those I love too
I will open my heart
Open my soul
And chase these things out of me
And set myself free

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