Sunday, April 01, 2012

Her Fantasy

High heels and stockings with a seam
Click clack teasing as she saunters by
Flirty ruffled hem dancing against her skin
Where you wish your fingers could be

Your pulse is doing double time
With the thumping bass
Her hips punctuate the down beat
As she struts by--indifferent to you

You see her sneak a glance in your direction
But you play along and look away
She throws back her head, arches her neck
Laughing as she shakes out her mane

You play it cool pretending you don't know her
Pretending her hair wasn't wrapped around your fist
That her long slender torso wasn't arched beneath you earlier
That the sight of her doesn't make your blood race

This is her fantasy, her request
To be strangers again
To tantalize and tease you from afar
Knowing you'll do anything to make her dreams come true

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