Thursday, April 01, 2010

And the Crowd Goes Wild

What is the point of writing?  Sometimes it's a completely self-serving exercise.  A way of exploring myself by pulling the words out of me and putting them where I can see them and confront them.  Sometimes it's to stand up, jump up and down, yelling, "Hey! Over here!  Look at me!".  Or to send a whisper out into the vastness of the world, "Love me.  Please.  Somebody?"

Other times, I use writing as a simple, relatively straight forward means of conveying information.  Business letters, instructions on how to do things, relatively boring (but necessary) stuff.

And then there is writing as a game.  Playing with the reader.  Stories.  Poetry.  Head games.  Fun games.  Scary games.  Sexy and silly games.  I have met a number of the players of these games lately.  Most play semi-pro ball.  A few are in the minor leagues and working hard to get to the show.  Me, I'm out back with the little kids.  It doesn't mean I don't love and appreciate the game.  It just means I am realistic about my abilities.  

Of course, I still hear the crowd go wild in my imagination as I swing for the fence...

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