Thursday, July 08, 2010


You try to hide it

but I feel the fire in you
it's burning you up.

My body is wet
Plunge your fire deep into me
Let me douse your flame.

Drink deep from my well
Lap and lick and suck at me
I will quench your thirst. 

And still I see the spark
The fire glowing in your eyes
can not be put out. 

Let it burn, Baby.
It is the best part of you
it's why I love you. 

You are so sexy
writing your smoldering words
harnessing the flame.

When you turn your back 
on the gift that burns within
you risk burning up.

Fire can be controlled
Controlled burning, used wisely
avoids disaster. 

Use your gift my love
use it gently and with thought
it will sustain you. 

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