Monday, July 12, 2010

It Should Be Raining

Words, sounds, syllables,
phrases, thoughts, ideas, noise
jumbled in my head. 

Naked emotions
flow freely competing for
the breath to gain life. 

Finding new lessons
patience, compassion, faith, trust
hardest in my life. 

Learning watching him
He shows me such patient love
His love centers me. 

Trying to focus
on the truly important
not getting bogged down. 

Never my intent
hating that I have caused pain
you deserved better. 

Laughter, color, love
our children's faces happy
things I believe in. 

Time changes people
I wish we could undo it
doesn't work that way. 

Encouraging words
unconditional love, trust
the things he gives me 

I want to be proud
of myself, our kids, and you
how we handle this. 

I found the courage
to say I don't deserve this
we all deserve more. 

It looks sunny out
emotional disconnect
it should be raining. 

Chase away the clouds
my favorite things, my loves
colors bright and bold.


  1. I wish you could see the tears this has brought to my eyes. Tears of sadness. Tears of respect. Tears of sorrow and shame. Tears of fear and love. Tears of knowing that the he/his/him isn't me

    Let my tears be your rain.

  2. This is heartbreakingly beautiful - well done on all counts.