Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ice Cream Man (in poetry)

This post came about from a combination of things.  The first was my desire to try my hand at a form of poetry called gogyohka.  For many people the fact that this is a relatively free form without the stricter syllable requirement of haiku or senryu makes this easier to do.  For me, however, I find it harder.  Without the strict requirements my brain has too much wiggle room.  The second thing influencing this post is the novel "Closet Treats" or as I prefer to think of it "The Ice Cream Man" by my dear friend Paul Cooley.  

The first poem is simply for Paul.  The grouping of seven that follows is a poetic interpretation of his work.

‎​You've taught me
the beauty in horror
with your haunting
Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Those loud loud bells
a cacophony
slithering down the street
enticing children
then entrapping them. 

Evil eyes
not quite hidden
acid yellow
swirling crimson
watching you.

Yummy treats
for children
and children
yummy treats
for fiends.

A child runs
from visions
and a fiend

Black talons
ripping innocence
and children
to shreds.

The loudest scream
is the one
ripped from a throat
never heard
only imagined.

Pain, suffering
strange evil lurking
hero only human
fighting valiantly
but no ending in sight.

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  1. Brilliant. That's exactly Closet Treats. Gives me the same chills.
    Laura- GreenGlam on Twitter