Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gasping For Air

When I listen to a poet
Perform their poem
For the first time
Not their first time
But my first time
When I don't know what to expect
Beyond the title and their name
Which sometimes is enough information
That I am already holding my breath
Of expected brilliance
Because some people are so gifted
That I would probably be enthralled
By their snoring in the deep, dark night
I am pulled in
To their world
To their words
By their words
By the rhythm
And their passion
And the images and emotions
They paint before me
And wrap around me
Pulling me in
Reeling me in
Out of the water of my comfort
Until I am in their realm
And I suddenly realize that I can't breathe
I am helpless in their grasp
My heart pounding
Until they release me
Back from where I came
Gasping for air.

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