Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Words I Need to Tell You

There are words I need to tell you
Words I want to say
But the time is never right and once again
Today is not the day

I've loved you from the first moment
Known you from the start
You will always be a part of me
Your words are written on my heart.

Sometimes love isn't enough
This isn't about just you and me
No matter what we feel
This wasn't meant to be

So when I feel like sighing
I will bite my lip instead
And I'll try to forget what it was like
Curled up next to you in bed

While I don't think I can ever forget
All the nuances of you
I can understand
This painful thing that we must do

I never wanted to be an actor
But it's a skill that I will learn
I can pretend that it's not you
For whom I always yearn

When I sunk into the darkness
You were there to pull me through
You and I both know
I owe my life to you

So I will let you know
You are off the hook. Free
Go back to the life you have made
You don't need to worry about me

There are words I need to tell you
About how I love you so
So much so that
I'm finally letting go

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