Sunday, July 22, 2012


I want to write
The desire is there
I have the time
Hell, I've gotten good at making the time
I have a long list of topics
All things I have already started in my mind
So many ideas
But they are all in the abstract
Lessons I am learning mostly
And a couple I have finally learned
Everything is so jumbled for me these days
I can't seem to focus
On any one thought
For more than an instant
And no matter how fast I write
It's not fast enough
To stay focused
Because one thought
Keeps intruding
But it's not really an intrusion
Since I go there willingly
And it's not so much a single thought
As lots of related thoughts
All centering around one person
And so I've been having a terribly hard time
Writing about anything
Because it's not just anything
Or anyone
Occupying my thoughts
It's you
And so much more
It's a list of places I want to show you
It's thinking about the feel of you
The scent of you
The taste and touch and every other sense of you
It's all the little things
That mean so much
And so with all of these thoughts about you
Swirling around in my head
In a happy whirlpool
Of anticipation,
Peace and happiness
Is it any wonder
That I can't focus
On anything else?

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