Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Joys of Technology

It's that instant
When I've just told you something
Something I think
You don't want to hear
Something you need to hear
Whether you like it or not

I meant well when I said it
It is a criticism
But it's something you can easily fix
If you want to
Or not, it's up to you

I wait nervously
For your response
And the silence is killing me
I remember other times
When I angered him
And he pulled away
Shut me out

My stomach tries to turn itself
Inside out
My pulse is suddenly racing
Why can't I breathe?
Why haven't you answered me?

Oh, god, no.
Please don't be angry with me
Please don't shut me out
I couldn't take it
To not talk to you

As my panic attack
Builds to a crescendo
A message pops up
Using a different program
"Where did you go?"

As the air rushes back into my lungs
And relief washes over me
I tap a response
"Damn wifi"

Sent from my iPhone

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