Friday, May 12, 2006

Mission Accomplished...sort of

Well, I finished the Mother's Day Socks yesterday (sorry, no photo yet...still have two silly little tails to weave in). They are identical down to the tippy, tippy toes. I started the toe decreases a row (yes, just a single row) earlier for toes number two. AND, I think I did one LESS set of decreases for same said toes. And so, the end result is that sock number two is about three rows shorter than sock number one. I use size one needles and knit pretty tightly (these being socks and all) so we're talking maybe an 1/8th of an inch. Not enough to feel different but the stupid color repeat makes it SO.o.o.o.o.o... obvious. (Sigh). Oh well, just more evidence that no one is perfect.

This morning I cast on the first of the Phyll Socks. When Aunt Phyllis was here I had her pick out some sock yarn for a pair for her and do the honors in picking out the color for the Father's Day Socks (for my Dad, her baby brother) that I will do next. She chose the black Regia Strata that is all fushia, and lavender and burgandy stripes. (I liked it so much I got two....the other one is mine-all-mine. What can I say, the woman has taste!). Of course, her choices were Regia or Regia. I love sock yarn but no way am I paying some of those prices!! I got the Regia on sale from WEBS.

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