Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not such a good two days...

Well, when you get over confident in your knitting abilities and your amazing knitting speed the knitting goddess has a way of putting you back in your propper, humble place. For me it must have been the idea that I could in fact hold the ADD at bay and knit a PAIR of beautiful socks in just seven days when in fact, I have only been knitting socks at all since February. Of THIS year.

First, I forgot that my Aunt Phyllis was coming for a quick weekend visit. Second, I didn't realize that she would be with my Mom the entire time she was here (can't knit the Mother's Day Socks around the Mother!). And then to top it all off...(drumroll please)...yesterday I got a migraine which led to a seizure and sleeping it off all day. So, I am still a good 3 inches from done. (You know you are really sick when not only do you not knit at all for a day but your knitting isn't even on the same floor of the house as you!!)

So, maybe they'll be done by Thursday.....

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